Frequently Asked Questions

General responses for some frequently asked questions.

Yes, Glass Centre Carry a large stock of 2mm to 25mm float, silvered, bronzed, patterned etc. please look at our website or call or email us for more information.

We accept cash, lazer or credit card which can be taken over the phone.

Yes we can deliver (Delivery prices given upon Quotation.)

Yes, we cut all kinds of glass to your exact specifications. Intricate tabletops or mirrors are machine cut in our factory.

Yes, Glass Centre have been successfully meeting large orders for many years.

We can cut mirrors in just about any shape or design. We cannot cut mirror in such detail on location. All mirrors are manufactured at our premises.

We have a safety backing which can be applied which holds the mirror together in the event it breaks. It is a safety back. This is often used it in gyms and dance studios.

Yes we do. We also stock round convex mirrors for seeing around corners and bullet resistant glass for high security applications.

Usually 4 but on larger pieces 6 or more may be required. We can advise you on what is sufficient for the size of glass.

Yes, if you use special mirror adhesive.

Yes we can supply toughened mirrors.

Unfortunately we cannot repair glass, but we can supply a new replacement piece.

3208mm x 2548mm.

1900mm Diameter.

Yes we can cut and shape mirrors on our C.N.C machine we also stock ready made ovals for sale.

Yes we can drill most size holes but there is a certain distance they have t be apart. Our staff can advise you on this.

50mm square.



45mm approx.

"Safety glass" is a term given to specific types of glass that when broken will break in such a way as to minimize potential injury to people. This is in contrast to standard "plate glass" which can be dangerous due to the large sharp spear-like pieces that are created when broken.

Glass that has been heated to softening point then rapidly cooled. Toughened glass is five times stronger than float glass and offers the highest resistance to impact. It is ideal for application in doors etc. If broken, the whole pane of glass shatters into small pieces that are relatively safe.

Health and safety restrictions increasingly require glass to be toughened according to its size and use. We will advise you when this is necessary.


Laminated glass is a form of Safety Glass that is manufactured by sandwiching a layer of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) between two pieces of glass.

laminated glass is mostly used for safety / security applications as a result of building codes that require higher levels of protection against breakage compared to standard glass e.g shopfronts.

Glass Centre is sole agents for the republic of Ireland for Pyranova and Pyran S

Commercial Glass Doors need to be either 10mm or 12mm thick and toughened.